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Kuvings Power Blender KPB-351

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Intelligent Power Blender operates automatically at the optimal blending speed.

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₦ 450,000

  • 1. Auto-blending function

    2. Variable speed dial (setting of 1-10)

    3. Control Setting (Smoothie/Juice button)

    4. One touch menu buttons with presets

    5. Power motor with 3.5 peak HP

    6. Triple 3D Moving Blades

    7. Safety systems

    8. Eco-friendly BpA-free Tritan container

    9. Air cooling system

    Auto-blending function

    Equipped with an A.I sensor

    The Power Blender is equipped with an A.I. sensor that automatically stops blending when the food has been reached the optimal consistency.

    Variable speed dial (setting of 1-10)

    Make personalized recipes

    By using the variable speed dial (setting of 1-10), manually set the speed from 2,000RPM to 20,000 RPM to make desired recipes.

    Control Setting (Smoothie/Juice button)

    Menu buttons settings changeable according to your preference

    Menu buttons can be customized to your preference based on the texture that you prefer for smoothies/juices.


    Preset recipe buttons(Smoothie/Juice/Pulse) are designed to optimize blending speed and time for the best results.

    Powerful Motor

    The powerful motor rotates blades at 32,000 times per minute, blending ingredients finely.

    3D Moving System

    3D-Moving System with six specially heat- treated blades rotate tridimensionally enabling deep blending.


    Due to the safety sensor, the blender operates only when the container is perfectly mounted onto the main body.


    The BPA-free and eco-friendly Tritan container allows you to see how ingredients are processed.

    Model: KPB-351

    Color: Silver

    Type: Vertical high-speed masticating

    Speed: 32,000rpm (peak)

    Wattage: 1,700W

    Voltage: AC220~240V, 50/60Hz

    Dimensions: 213mm x 237mm x 517mm Weight: 4.38kg

    Capacity: Maximum capacity for mixing: 1600ml

    Maximum Use: Automatic control (Less than 2 min)

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