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HealthFriend Smart Juicer MOTIV1

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₦ 550,000

    • Body type analysis through checking 7 types of body composition
    • Provide 1:1 customized recipe
    • How to learn correct postures easily
    • Systematic health management by target setting
    • Suggest recipe for beauty and diet
    • 100% natural Juice without additives
    • Stable Structure for Accurate Measurement
    • A Bigger and Simpler 82mm Flap Gate
    • Practical Components with Convenience


    Easy & simple health checkup

    By using body composition analyzer installed in juicer, you can measure 7 types of composition in your body (body fat mass, body fat rate, muscle mass, body water, minerals, body mass index(BMI), and basal  metabolic rate(BMR).

    Customized recipe for your body composition

    Suggest customized recipe for your body composition according to body type analysis, not a juice anybody can have.

    Try your own recipe from ingredients to juicing method.

    Health coach

    Incorrect postures can cause injury. Select proper level based on your health condition. HealthFriend Smart Juicer’s health coach provides you video clips according to your places and muscle part to be exercised, for example stretching, aerobic exercise, core, outdoor exercise and etc.

    Health management

    Manage health consistently by monitoring the achievement of your goal such as body fat rate, fat mass, and muscle mass etc.

    Beauty and diet

    Simply check various juice recipe by theme (Diet, Detox, Beauty, and anti-oxidant) and by occasion utilizing searching function to find your preferred one.

    Natural Juice

    Strong Ultem screw can slowly press down on fruits and vegetables to make natural extract juice by minimizing nutrients destruction rather than grinding ingredients with high speed blades.

    Stable structure

    Anyone can easily use as it has a comfortable and ergonomic design with accurate measurement.

    82mm Flap Gate

    Makes juice quickly with feeding chute(82mm), which is bigger than existing slow juicer and allows bigger ingredients to be put in a whole.

    Smart cap

    Power juice cap equipped to prevent drips and for simple wash can easily make mixed juice.

    Technical Data






    Vertical low-speed masticating


    60 RPM




    AC220-240V,  50/60Hz, 240W


    W 175 x D 255 x H 457 (mm)





    Maximum Use

      Less than 30 minutes


    Ultem, Stainless Steel, ABS, PC, S/S


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